10 Ideas to Make Your Ski Trip Healthier


Even if you’re a newbie or a seasoned skier or boarder, there’s practically nothing worse than being up on the mountain and being cold, unable to see through your goggles, or having a wad of damp funds in your ski pants after a long day. Do any of these sound familiar? Below is a handy list of simple suggestions that might make your day on the slopes a little more fun (and relaxed, too).

• Do you usually have a tough time keeping warm? Are you that person with stinging hands on the lift between runs? Get a pack of hand warmers and keep them stashed in your pocket. When you start to get cold, smash it open and let it do the work. There are also similar insole alternatives on the market to keep your feet warm. Either is way better than freezing out there, and with a little foresight, can make a substantial difference in your overall comfort.

• While we’re on the topic of keeping warm, make certain you have a good base layer under your bibs and jacket. This is yet another common problem. Your base layer should be thin and not bulky, however certainly shoot for quality. Choose something that’s made from merino wool or a good synthetic material.

• Try to keep your gear in good condition. Nobody wants scrapes on their goggles or to be riding slower down the mountain from not having a few extra minutes to make a little love to their board or skis. Simple fixes. It’s always a good idea to keep your goggles in a preventive case of some sort with the rest of your gear so the lenses don’t get damaged. And, make the effort to wax your board or skis yourself before heading out for the day, or stop and have them done at the resort. Two simple things, but they’ll make for much more enjoyable (and fast!) riding. Oh, and another tip. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to make your way down the slopes with foggy goggles. There are a variety of products out there to get rid of that. May be useful to have one in your pocket to keep your vision clear.

• It’s not fun at all if your feet are chilly. It can make a few short hours feel like an eternity. You might take into account getting a pair of waterproof slip-on shoes that are designed to help with penetrating and out of your boots with ease or using a boot dryer by the end of the day– especially if you’re skiing over a few consecutive days– so your feet are dry and warm when you start the next day.

• While one might head to the slopes to acquire away from technology and day-to-day life, having your phone handy can be great for a couple of reasons. If you are there with friends or family, it’s beneficial to be able to locate each other if you’ve split up for a few runs or if you can’t find someone in your group. You can also enjoy apps available that offer updated weather information, maps of the mountain you’re on, or even video tutorials to assist boost your ability.

• At last, a final helpful tip. See if the resort you like to ride at sells gift cards that could be made use of to get food at the resort when you’re hungry. If they do, buying one can make it so you can carry that in the pocket of your jacket and avoid carrying cash or cards.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you some things to take into account next time you go to the slopes! Now, get out there and have some fun!

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