10 Rules For Concertgoers


You can hear a song and go back twenty years to high school or a few years ago when a friend introduced you to a new band. That being said, it’s neat to be able to see a band live and experience the magic of what that music has meant to you as you watch the musicians play in person. Going to a concert can be a singular experience, and hopefully you come away reflecting on how amazing it was.

It’s kinda fun to get excited before you even go. If you can access the setlist before the concert, you’ll be capable to familiarize yourself with what you’re going to hear. You often enjoy music that you’re familiar with more than something that is new, and this will allow you to “get acquainted,” so to speak, with everything slated for the program and manage to appreciate the unique ways the band presents it live.

How many of us have been at a concert, classical or rock, and been distracted because of how someone is using their phone? And, instead of taking video during the whole concert, take into consideration putting your phone away. Have you ever taken video during a concert, only to realize that you’re really experiencing it through the screen, instead of enjoying the sensory experience of being totally present and watching and interacting without any technology?

While we’re discussing about distractions, how about those people that are loud, obnoxious and draw a bunch of focus on themselves, making it hard for everyone else to enjoy what they paid for? Take into consideration the type of concert you’re at, the music that’s being played, and what the other people around you are doing. That’s one thing if it’s a punk concert and it’s loud and there are tons of people moshing. But c’mon, don’t be that loud person when someone is playing a quiet folk tune or you’re hearing a famous classical number performed on stage. Match your behavior to the setting, and don’t make everyone else be distracted by you rather than what they actually went to see. Enjoy the whole experience, involving the chance to visit with those around you while you’re anticipating the beginning of the show. Part of enjoying other individuals is being considerate, too. As an example, just because someone in front of you is quite a bit taller than you and may impact your view a bit doesn’t give you license to be rude. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be there making memories, too. And, since we’re speaking about being mindful, don’t be that person that is making their way ahead of everyone in line, either. It’s not cool.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be the crazy loud person at the concert to become annoying. You can also be that person that’s being super quiet, but having a full blown make out session with your seat partner. Not only is this distracting, it’s entirely inappropriate and also gross, and other folks didn’t pay to visit and have their experience ruined by having that go down right in front of them. A quick kiss is main thing, but taking it several levels also is just downright inconsiderate. Bottom line? Enjoy. If that means relaxing and allowing yourself to groove to the music, do it! Cherish what you’re feeling because you’ll remember it always if it means that all you can do is sit there wrapped up in the emotion.

Everyone around you will be listening and reacting to the music in different ways and that’s part of the beauty of the concert experience. There’s energy that comes from the whole group and it’s a lovely thing when several are gathered together appreciating something as a whole.

The above tips are really just simple manner in which you can get the most from going to a concert, but obviously the best part is actually going. So … buy tickets, prepare, and head out to the show!

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