10 Things Every Foodie MUST Learn About Food Festivals


The thought of heading to where there are lots of several flavors, smells and cultures represented all in one area is pretty awesome already, yet if all of it centers around FOOD? Now we’re absolutely talking! You are definitely in for a treat if you’ve never attended a food festival. But whether you’re new to this kind of recreating, or someone who never misses the one that comes to your town every year, here are some tips to help you have a great experience.

One thing you’ll understand quickly about a big festival is that you won’t have the ability to participate in everything that goes on. Know as much about it as you can before you go, and figure out what factors you are most interested in. Do you intend to hit the appetizer tasting, or would you rather try the variety of Indian dishes offered all at once? Knowing ahead of time what will be offered will help you focus on what you want to eat the most!

Remember that you’re going to be surrounded by tons of people, and it’s likely to get warm– not to mention the steam from food cooking, the fact that you might end up eating some seriously messy (and delicious grub), and the general hubbub that comes with lots of stuff going on in one place. This probably isn’t the place that you want to be wearing your finest clothes.

Arrive with plenty of time to spare so you can avoid as much traffic as possible, and when you do hit the crowds (it’s bound to happen at some point), take note of the way traffic seems to be moving and try going the other way instead. While you will most definitely go for the types of food you’re familiar with and don’t want to miss, don’t shy away from sampling something new and expanding your palette horizons! If a friend wants you to try something new, or there are samples available that might sound a bit interesting, taking a taste will never hurt.

Though you don’t prefer to hold back in seeking new foods, you really do want to exercise some caution when it comes to booze. Overloading in this department will not only make you incapable to truly enjoy your experience (because you might not recall it anyway), but it may make you sick and out for the count. If you decide to go or grab a beer to a wine tasting, just unwind and enjoy without exaggerating it so you don’t ruin the rest of your time.

If ever you want to give a try to tons of different things (and isn’t that the point?), you can utilize the people in your group to your conveniences. Hold a group powwow, decide what you’d all like to try, and then afterwards have each person go and get a different thing. You’ll have a feast of flavors and culture all in one go when you come back together. Bonus! You only spent 15 minutes in one line, yet you’re trying the food from several.

While you can come away having had a fantastic culinary adventure, you might come away feeling like you gained 20 pounds in the process, too. In order to get the most out of the food possibilities and not come away feeling bloated and yucky, make the most of time between meals to move around a bit and acquire some exercise. When it’s time for the next round of eating, you’ll burn off some calories and actually be legitimately hungry again.

Remember that all of the point is to enjoy yourself and be capable to review the whole deal fondly. Trying new things, talking with chefs, taking pictures, and making the most of other festival activities will help ensure that you go away from the entire experience feeling like it was the best one you have yet attended.

When reading these pointers, everything remains for you to do is decide as to which festival you would like to attend. Once you’ve dialed in on that, what are you waiting for? Get out there and dig in!

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