7 Reasons It’s So Difficult To Buy Concert Tickets


Have you ever obtained online to get some concert tickets for a big band only to find that there aren’t any more tickets available? This can be really frustrating, especially if you were one of those people who stayed up late or woke up early for that moment when tickets were released to the general public and you still came up short.

This occurs largely as a result of two factors: large amounts of tickets being purchased earlier and others that are set aside for particular individuals.

You must know that for big-name shows, large numbers of tickets are readily available for purchase by major credit card companies. Business is business, and everybody is aiming to turn around a profit. For these types of large corporations, they are able to have tempting deals on concert tickets to prospective customers in exchange for getting their business. It turns into a way for them to acquire money, while also offering something beneficial to their current or possible new customers. Considering this, they often purchase a large quantity of tickets up front, therefore cutting down what ends up being available to everyone else.

One more factor if you missed out on tickets, despite the fact that you were online right when they were released? You might have been surpassed by technology– computer systems designed to pay for a bulk amount of something and make it available to resell at a higher value, yielding profit for the individual behind “scalping” those tickets. As a result of this, and as crazy as it may sound, some performers actually sell their personal tickets to whoever wants to pay the most money, too, so as to avoid that action by others and make sure that the money from those seats actually comes to them.

What about the tickets that aren’t bought in bulk by the above sources? Well, you still need to consider that other groups of tickets can be set aside for the artist’s devoted followers– the band’s “groupies,” so to speak. Often artists will offer “first dibs” precedence on tickets to fan club members before they are ever otherwise available. Theoretically, this works, but it’s sure a disappointment when you’ve discovered a sound you love and you’re not able to go and see them live. (Maybe it’s time you become a groupie, too, and when the next show comes ’round, you’ll be ready.).

And if they can reserve tickets for fans, it would make sense that they’d want tickets set aside for their family members, friends, and even advertising purposes. These tickets fall into the VIP and guest category, and definitely account for some of the tickets you lost out on.

Because of all of the above mentioned factors, it can be hard to get tickets to see a big-name sometimes. Your best bet is to be poised on site as soon as tickets open, look at major ticket vending sites, or agree to barter (and maybe pay through the nose) on sites like ebay. Or hey, if you love the band enough, register with their fan club and have a shot at those tickets, too! Whichever avenue you choose, expect when those tickets come on sale, and best of luck on buying a seat to the next big show!

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