8 Tips for Summer Food Festival Success


If you’re a foodie, you probably love hitting up a good food festival when it comes to town. With so many options in front of you, the hard part is really just deciding what to try, because there’s only so much you can put down before you go too far and feel sick.

Find out all you can before you get there. If information is provided, it will be helpful to know what kinds of food will be offered, pricing, vendor lists, and hours. If you’re taking the whole gang along, it may also be helpful to know if it is a family-friendly area or not (ie. Is it in a park with a playground for kids? Will there be bounce houses? Other family activities to draw more people to the grounds?).

And frankly, checking out all the food options before you settle down to make choices will help you avoid that moment of buying something, only to see someone else’s plate as they go past and wish that you had gotten what they are eating instead. Getting there at the beginning means you’ll be getting the cream of the crop in the stores department.

A number of suggestions for knowing what to choose? Don’t be shy to talk to the other festival-goers to find out what the most delicious thing they ate was. You’re likely to make a choice you won’t regret when you settle down to eat when you’ve talked to enough people and heard a similar report from several folks. And, you can also take a clue by doing a little bit of booth monitoring. Those booths that always have a number of people lined up waiting are probably so attracting for a reason. Take a clue, and go find out why.

Sometimes the sheer amount of people can be intimidating, and you might want to try several things but don’t want to have to wait forever to eat. If everyone gets and goes something, and then you all get back together and divide things up, you’ll get several things to eat and enjoy, and everyone only had to wait in one line.

And finally, you might want to think ahead and bring something with you to bring anything home that you weren’t able to finish while you were there. It’s not a negative idea to have your own water bottle along, too, so you can spend your money on what you really want, as an alternative to having some of it absorbed in beverages. And, given that you’re going to be surrounded by lots of people (which equals germs), you might want to take into account having your own pocket-size bottle of hand sanitizer along as well.

Each of these little bits is just precursors to what this article is really about. Bottom line? Tons of food vendors, all the in the same place, with tons of options to try? This is FUN! Get out there, throw your taste buds a party, and enjoy it while it lasts!

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