9 Travel Ideas for Your Team


Every year we coordinate with traveling sports team and assist them to get their teams securely to tournaments. After years of coordinating with these teams we have gathered the following list of travel tips for parents and coaches responsible for booking travel. Enjoy!

Team Travel Tip No. 1: Get out the Map

It’s possibly too early to know the actual dates of the tournament; however you should be able find out where the tournament will be located. Search for hotels, restaurants, even attractions and build a list of potentials around the area where the tournament will be.

Team Travel Tip No. 2: Plan Your Route

Using Google maps you can put in your home address and find out how many miles you’ll have to travel and get an estimate on how long it will take to get there. If you’re traveling across several states to your tournament, this can be an invaluable tool. Often times this will not only save money over individual cars driving but will allow your entire team to travel together.

Team Travel Tip No. 3: Save Money on Food

Look for hotels/motels that offer a free breakfast when you’re staying someplace on the road. This will really save you some money during a longer stay. Also ask the hotel staff if they know of any local food bargains you can make the most of. Ask hotels when you book if they have any relationship with restaurants or if they can offer you any promo codes with local shops. If you just ask, often they have them.

Team Travel Tip No. 4: Save Money on Accommodation

Be sure to make your hotel reservation in advance to take benefit of bargains. No matter where you book or what kind of room, when you call asks for the group reservations specialists. Many hotels have someone that is and does this work authorized to offer better deals for those booking multiple rooms.

Hint: You can ensure to prevent those “extra” costs by asking the hotel/motel to turn off the ability to make outside calls (most will have cell phones). Most hotel/motels will also manage to restrict “pay-for-view” movies too.

Team Travel Tip No. 5: Insurance

Consider purchasing travel insurance that might protect you if for some reason you need to cancel your trip. You never know if your child might become injured or ill before an out-of-town tournament begins.

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