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How many people get stuck in the activities of our lives? We get up, head to work, stop to get lunch, make it through the afternoon, head home for dinner, watch something to zone out awhile in the evening, and then go to bed? And then, the next morning, we wake up and start all over again? We might keep in mind with longing those days of childhood when we could spend tons of time checking out and playing outside in the real world, when our cares were simple and we didn’t have to work out the problems of adult life.

Every once in a while, we all need to disconnect from the norm and unwind to renew and be better able to deal with everyday life again. If you’re an outdoor fanatic, stop dreaming about getting out and do it! Our nation has lots of national and state parks, hiking and biking trails, slot canyons, scenic byways, national forests and monuments to appreciate and visit.

Instead of watching Ken Burns’ documentary on the national parks, get out and visit them! And if you’re considering the best way to go with a group of friends, get a coach! Rather than having to discuss individual transportation for everyone, you can make easier by splitting the cost of a coach, riding together mile after mile, and indulging in that time to deepen your friendships, laugh and talk together.

When you planning on sightseeing, you might not always think first of a motorcoach, but we know you’ll be happy if you give us a try. Your tour is our specialty, and if there’s anything we can do to make your trip more exciting, we’d love to make that happen! When you’re seeking out affordable, safe transportation, and an exciting way to go on your next sightseeing expedition, don’t forget to call us!

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