A Great Coffee In The Morning


An early Saturday morning is a lazy time of the day, as we wanted to wake up late, since there’s no office work to bother us and there’s no school for the kids. One early Saturday morning, my mom called me up for she wanted to see me soon for an important matter. I did not wasted time; I rushed to dress up and rode the bus immediately without eating my breakfast or a cup of my favorite coffee.

Since that was my first time riding a commuter bus in Sacramento, I was awed that riding a Sacramento bus is really a great thing. It is a very comfortable feeling. The bus is clean and as seen it, it is a new and modern bus. The cloth covered reclining seat offer me the feeling as if that I am in an airplane. When the bus is in Del Paso Road Sacramento, I took off, but the feeling can’t get out of my mind. I took a second glance at the Sacramento bus and read its sign board, It is an Amador Stagelines bus.

As I wander around at Del Paso Rd., I see a coffee shop and my urge to have a cup of it occupied my mind. I go for it at its A Grind Coffee House, after ordering one, I sat on its outdoor table and requested their friendly waiter if where I could find a Sacramento bus schedule going to Sierra Nevada. She handed me down a bus schedule and bus routes. The Bus Company that catches my eye is the Amador Stagelines and hurrah, they have a bus schedule for Sierra Nevada and are leaving the area in 10 minutes. I immediately sip my cinnamon blended latte coffee and feel me good. It’s a great latte indeed, but I have no time to waste as the bus will be leaving soon.

Since then, I always take my wife to savor the cinnamon blended latte in “It’s A Grind Coffee House” every Saturday morning and riding the Amador Stagelines bus.

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