A True Renaissance Man


We often tour museums and other cultural hotspots when we are sightseeing in a new location. Occasionally we get fortunate enough to see a taking a trip exhibition including an artist whose work remains in probably a few of the best the world has ever seen, and taking a look at pieces of art through the lens of history is one method to much better understand the viewpoint, religious views, and daily life of different time periods.

Practically 50 years after his death, Giorgio Vasari stated this of Leonardo da Vinci in his book Lives Of The Artists:

“In the normal course of occasions lots of males and females are born with exceptional skills; however occasionally, in a manner that transcends nature, a bachelor is … endowed by Heaven with charm, grace and skill in such abundance that he leaves other men far behind, all his actions seem inspired and certainly whatever he does plainly comes from God instead of from human skill. Everyone acknowledged that this was true of Leonardo da Vinci, an artist of impressive physical beauty, who displayed infinite grace in everything that he did and who cultivated his genius so remarkably that issues he studied he solved with ease.”

Da Vinci’s notebooks reveal a guy who had an interest in just about everything. From physiological sketches to inventions and nature drawings, it would seem that his intellectual curiosity and artistic skill understood no bounds. While the majority of ofus learn about his extraordinary genius, a lot of us might unknown some of the following fun realities about his life.

* In his late teens, he was involved in the project of putting the dome on Florence Cathedral.

* His work reflects his understanding of Leonardo Fibonacci di Piza’s discovery of algorithmic numbers. Leonardo’s understanding of proportions in nature, along with the information and precision he utilized in drawing the human body, show his acknowledgment of Fibonacci’s work.

* He was an illegitimate child born to a gentleman and peasant lady. He had 12 half-siblings, though it does not appear that he was especially near them.

* He was left-handed and typically composed from right to left.

* He became an apprentice to Verrocchio when he was 14 years of ages, and this would have been the fundamental location where he began learning many of the abilities he became competent in throughout his life time.

* His Last Supper and Mona Lisa continue to be amongst the most popular paintings of perpetuity.

* While he was appreciated for his clinical interest and creative mastery, at times he also had lighter matters to think about, such as the costumes for the Duke of Milan’s celebrations.

* Years before modern medicine confirmed this fact, he understood that arteries harden over time by studying the remains of a young child compared to that of an older person.

* He was a cartographer in a time when maps were uncommon. He utilized this ability to secure employment with Cesare Borgia as a military engineer developing various machines for warfare an older individual.

* Leonardo was fascinated with flight and conceptualized various flying devices.

Leonardo’s scope of knowledge is both staggering and inspiring, and being able to discover more about him and other artists as we tour exhibits while going to new places is one of the rewards of travel. If you’re planning a journey with friends and want a trip that includes cultural gems in our location, call one of our experts today.

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