A Weeklong Thrills At Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe is a favorite destination resort for fun and leisure. Lake Tahoe offers a dozen of exciting activities year-round, from professional golfing on various top class golf courses, boating, hiking, and skiing to sightseeing. Going to Lake Tahoe will never have a dull moment. Take Reno bus service from Amador Stagelines and enjoy your vacation in Lake Tahoe for whatever activities you will enjoy most or trying something new adventure or interest.

There is a regular daily bus trip to Reno from Lake Tahoe and vice versa that anyone can catch-up anytime of the day. Lake Tahoe is a popular destination place for honeymooners to enjoy the serenity of the place and where the new couple could share several intimate adventures among a dozen of activities the place can offer. There are several luxury and economical resort hotels to spend a night and where to enjoy the cold mountain breeze of Sierra Nevada.

The Amador Stagelines also offers a bus tour around Lake Tahoe and discover several small villages that hold a year round live crafts fair. You can buy distinctive Lake Tahoe artworks, jewelries and many other souvenir items. On the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, you can find several gaming casinos that provide 24 hours of gaming and entertainment. There are several restaurants that offer specialty cuisines as well as international cuisine. And if you want to have a wonderful evening, there are several outlandish nightclubs with nightly shows and performances. On the other side of Lake Tahoe, the North shore, you can enjoy unlimited skiing or snowboarding.

Enjoy a weekend in Lake Tahoe, it is an all season resort destination for a weekend thrill seekers or for those who just wanted to shrug off the busy and stressful city life. Or, take a week long vacation and experience a dozen of thrilling and exciting adventures Lake Tahoe could offer. Pick up your phone and call Amador Stagelines and make your reservation.

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