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In the course of your retirement, various seniors are able to do things they couldn’t do as often as they might have liked during the busy years of focusing and raising families on their careers. For some, this may show time to travel and see distant sites they’ve always desired for visiting, or they might use most (all!) of their frequent flyer miles to go and spend time with grandkids in distant states. Others may opt to get out and enjoy cultural experiences and local entertainment more than they have in the past.

For a long time, people have appreciated watching plays acted out on stage. And with the modern digitization of music, scores have become extensively familiar as they’re played over and over again. People hardly have to hear 4 measures of a song from PhantomorLes Mis before it’s identified and they’re singing along.

His plays are still super popular and have been translated into several languages so people around the world can enjoy them. And if that weren’t a testament to how much they are loved and regarded, surely knowing that his plays are performed more than the works of any other playwright is.

But what do we understand about the man himself?

Firstly, he composed over 30 plays and 154 sonnets containing lines that are still familiar to us today.

He married a woman in her mid-20s by the name of Anne Hathaway when he was 18. Just six months complying with their marriage, a baby girl, Susannah, was born. The couple later had twins, Hamnet and Judith, though Hamnet passed away when he was still a boy.

Shakespeare’s career blasted off in London, where he was busy wearing the different hats of actor, part, and writer owner of an acting company. The company was called Lord Chamberlain’s Men, but later, under the reign of King James I, its name was altered to The King’s Men.

The famous Globe Theater was constructed in the fall of 1599, but it burned down in 1613. It was reconstructed the following year and then permanently closed in the 1640s. Its modern replica in London was constructed in 1997, and it stands less than a thousand feet from the place where the original Globe was built.

He died on April 23, 1616. Surprisingly, his will, finalized shortly before his death, notes that he was healthy and well. We don’t have any certified documentation as to the cause of death. And it was just a couple of days later, on the 25th of April, that he was buried at Holy Trinity Church.

Seven years later, John Heminges and Henry Condell produced the first collection of his plays. There were a total of 36 in the compilation, 18 of which had never previously been printed. This book is commonly described as the First Folio.

400 years later, we’re still enjoying the fruits of his work and passion. There’s nothing quite like live theater for entertainment, and retirement is a great time to enjoy some of the things you truly love.

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