Bar Hopping with Sactown Hopper


Enjoy a night in Sacramento for only 10 US dollars hopping from bar to bar between 9 pm until 2 am. With Sactown hopper from Amador Stage Lines, you can enjoy the night hopping from bar to bar for almost 8 bars in one night. Don’t worry about the driving, with sactown hopper service, you will enjoy the night with full of fun and excitement. The Amador brings you from bar to bar every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening with nothing to worry about. Visit its Web Site and see their Sacramento Bus Schedule, it’s easy and very convenient to use.

The Sactown hopper operates the MCI-D Model buses and has been the workhorses of the company for years. It is very reliable and excellent coaches. It can provide a small group of traveler with comfort and at lesser costs. It has a sitting capacity of 47 to 55 individuals with comfort, with on board video and stereo system, tables, air-conditioning system and a restroom. With all the amenities of a luxury motor coach, one could feel comfort and ease, even if one had drunk too much, sleeping could be very restful and comfortable.

Bar hopping in Sacramento is easy since, the Sactown hopper runs on a regular bus route and have stopped over on major bus stop areas to pick up its booked travelers. One can enjoy unlimited rides on their buses in the evening for 10 US dollars only from 9 pm to 2 am. Staying on single bar to enjoy the hospitality of girls and enjoying the great tasting drinks is not a problem either, Sactown hoppers will give you a ride to your hotel. Using the Sactown hoppers as the means of transportation for bar partying in downtown Sacramento is the best thing to avoid costly drunken driver arrest or worst meeting an accident while driving under the influence of an alcohol.

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