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For as long as recorded history exists, it seems that human beings have had an intrinsic desire to continue to push forward. We get thrilled about the most recent technologies and innovations as we move to the external periphery, looking for ways to broaden the boundaries of present restrictions. Throughout the spectrum, this appears to be something that stays fairly consistent in all disciplines. We are future-focused, anticipating exactly what comes next, and this is certainly the case in the hotel and hospitality market as well.

In our nation’s infant phases, places to remain were built on a little scale. People would travel by horse or wagon, entered into a town, have their animal stabled, and remain at the regional inn or tavern. Home entertainment was exclusively based on individuals who lived there and news traveled gradually. Communication took place through letters, and it took days, weeks, or even months for details to obtain throughout the country or to other continents. It was simply a different world.

Today, we can’t think of having to wait that long to interact with somebody, due to the fact that we reside in a time where that can take place instantly, even when people are oceans apart. And it isn’t really restricted to talking with somebody through texting or email; FaceTime, Skype, and other innovations have actually made face-to-face communication a truth for people who live half a world far from each other.

Have you heard of Black Tomato’s Blink service and what it provides? For a rather significant amount (cough, cough), Blink offers journeys to remote areas most anywhere around the globe. You choose from a few high-end tent options, and the rate for your journey consists of transport to get there, the Blink group getting things all set up for you, and when the getaway is over?

For the majority of us, however, that isn’t precisely in the realm of reality. For the basic populace, having that much cash to blow on a trip lasting just a couple of days isn’t really exactly cost-effective. (But it absolutely makes staying at the nicest Marriott with the most posh of accommodations look scanty in comparison. I mean … who can take on a high-end camping tent pitched in a remote area for 2– a peaceful, untouched beach, say, in the middle of nowhere, with all the relaxing conveniences of house?).

As Blink’s service makes clear, hospitality trends are definitely in forward-thinking mode, which’s real across the board with food, technology, high-end, and a focus on local. It’s interesting to understand what’s on the horizon and how business are forging ahead to provide brand-new experiences to their guests.

While we don’t take a trip to remote areas around the world, we do work with hotels to provide transportation for visitors in a method they’ve never ever experienced prior to: convenience, luxury, convenience, and terrific customer service are our main goals. Even if your guests aren’t on a remote beach in the Caribbean, they still are worthy of the really best service readily available.

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