Bridge Club Excursion


Some of the ladies in my bridge club decided that we would try something new and exciting for our annual ladies’ night out together. Instead of renting a limousine to take us to a fine restaurant and out for cocktails at a lovely place that serves adult beverages, we decided to make a weekend out of our time together. This weekend is not your typical ladies’ night escapade. It is a delightful excursion to a place in Nevada that we know and love as Reno, the biggest little city in America. Obviously, we are dedicated card players, and our opponents always underestimate us.

After all, we do look like the grandmothers that we proudly are, so of course people see us and only asses our maternal sides. However, this is a gross mistake for anyone playing poker with a lady can make. If other players look at us as only mothers, they will think that our every thought is written all over our worried faces. They will not expect us to know how to bluff, let alone set them up to hand over the pot without even thinking about what we might not have in our hands. This little trick has earned us a small fortune at one time or another, so if you are a grandmother with a mean poker playing streak, you should be sure you utilize the gift of appearing harmless.

If you are not a maternal looking lady, be careful the next time you play poker with one. As we embark on our journey, I took a tip from my granddaughter about Amador Stage Lines and a Sacramento party bus adventure that they offer. My granddaughter says it is a wonderful way for a lot of people to travel. She also says that it is a nice, accommodating means of transport. We are going to have our adventure next month, and I can’t wait!

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