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Are you planning to have a party in Reno? Or do you want to visit the fabulous destination of Lake Tahoe? Whether the man of the hour is into adventure, nightlife, gambling, or golf, the biggest little city in the world is sure to deliver. Reno’s location is particularly located in the high sierras and short drive to Lake Tahoe put some of country’s best skiing, snowboarding, and countless other outdoor activities right at your fingertips. Read on to learn how to make your event one that will never be forgotten.

If you are in Reno for a visit to a casino or on a business trip, it is a very simple to just rent a Bus Rental Reno to Lake Tahoe and enjoy a day of awesome skiing with absolutely breathtaking views of the lake from the snow covered slopes. In the South Lake Tahoe area you will find a little piece of skiing heaven called, appropriately, Heavenly. This beautiful and massive ski resorts’ lower slopes can be seen from the Stateline/South Lake Tahoe highways and from most of the lake itself. Many people consider Heavenly to be one of the most spectacular ski areas on the planet.

However, at the north end of the lake you can also find Squaw Valley USA, the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. It was founded in 1949 amidst 8,000 acres of wilderness preserve in the California High Sierra. Today it boasts over 4,000 acres over six Sierra peaks.

With so many possibilities, you’re sure to have an excellent experience of having a vacation in Reno. Just remember that the only measure of success is how big of a smile you leave on making some fun while on the vacation and making exciting activities. Just make sure you start planning early and set all the necessary things especially in getting the services of Bus Rental Reno. If possible you must have to set the schedule in advance to make things easier.

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