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To help you pick the most effective family reunion theme for your upcoming event, we have collected a few of our favorite family reunion themes to help you determine. We have also provided helpful descriptions, suggestions, and further ideas to help you carry out these themes. We hope you enjoy them!

Family Reunion Themes List
1. Outdoor Sports Themes
2. Family History Themes
3. Food and Culture Themes
4. Holiday & Seasonal Themes
5. Birthday, Anniversary, & Other Milestone Themes
6. Music Themes
7. Movie & TV Themes

Outdoor Sports Themes
– Olympic Reunion– Plan your activities, outfits, food, and decorations around the Summer Olympic festivities. This is especially impressive if your reunion actually accompanies the Olympics (held every four years). Families can choose a country to represent, wear that nation’s colors, and play games that are held at the Olympics.

– Bash It Like Babe– For baseball-loving families, a baseball-themed reunion with everyone donning their favorite team’s jerseys and caps. In addition to a family game of baseball or softball, other baseball-inspired games can be integrated.

– Football Fever– You can choose whether to have everyone represent their favorite NFL, college, or high school football teams. Food usually eaten at the stadium can be served. You can give an MVP award to the winner of the day’s games.

– Bend It Like Beckham– If your family follows or plays soccer, this reunion theme might be an enjoyable idea, as well as better if your reunion will be held right around the World Cup. Member of the family who are not as intrigued or knowledgeable about soccer can be presented to this sport through activities and games.

– Sports Camp Reunion– Combine a little bit of everything with an all-around sports camp theme for the reunion. This is specifically great for reunions that will be held for at least two days, and you need activities to keep everyone occupied for most of the day. Also great for reunions held in campgrounds or parks where you are responsible for your own activities.

Family History Themes
– Celebrate Our History– Go back in time to your family’s roots and ancestry. Inform all attendees early to compile photos, mementos, and stories that they can contribute as you all try to rebuild the family tree and celebrate the family history. You can also make use of additional resources online or from local libraries and archives that can help shed more light to your genealogical roots.

– Road Trip to the Family Roots– A reunion held at the ancestral home, farm, or property gives many opportunities for finding out about where your family originated and who your ancestors were, and also any important contributions your early ancestors may have made in the country’s history.

Food & Cultural Themes
– Fiesta– Mexican food may have become an aspect of mainstream culture and dining, but authentic Mexican traditions and festivities such as the fiesta are still a great source of creativity for family reunions. Have everyone dressed in Mexican costumes and garb, include Mexican games like the piñata or tortilla toss, and end the evening with a Mexican dance extravaganza. For a truly authentic Mexican dining experience, contact a local Mexican restaurant or professional food caterer.

– Hawaiian Luau– This theme is perfect for summer reunions held poolside or at a beach resort. Serve island-inspired food such as tropical fruits, pig roast, and seafood.

– Arabian Nights– Middle Eastern culture is a rich source of great food and traditions. If your venue is a particularly dry, humid area, the heat can be the perfect backdrop for this theme. Decorate with camels, sand dunes, and pyramids. Invitations can be produced as scrolls, and be sure to have pictures of Arabian-inspired clothing that people can wear. Shawarma, kebobs, lamb dishes, and other popular Middle Eastern cuisine can be served.

– British Invasion– Celebrate all things British by having your family members dressed in Downton Abbey-inspired costumes. If that is too wacky for everyone’s taste, a more recent British pop culture theme can be adopted, borrowing from the British Invasion pop rock acts of the 1960 ′ s (Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.). British food staples such as fish and chips, roast beef, and tea and scones can be served.

Holiday & Seasonal Themes
If you can combine different family traditions for Christmas, – Home for the Holidays– A Christmas reunion theme would be more enjoyable and less burdensome for the planners. Each nuclear family would have a certain Yuletide tradition that they can contribute so everyone gets a bit of new and old. Younger children can exchange presents even though the reunion is not on Christmas Day itself; adults who are so inclined can go Christmas shopping around the area.

– International Christmas– It is common these days for large, extended families to have several members from different countries and cultures, and this can be a great opportunity to experience different flavors of Christmas traditions from around the world. Participants can be encouraged to research various Christmas dishes, festivities, or activities from different nations. Give prizes for the most creative costumes or dishes as additional incentive.

– Fall Festival Reunion– Celebrate the crisp colors of autumn with a festive, carnival-style reunion. For large families, you can hold a Thanksgiving turkey cook-off for the best turkey recipe.

– Family Easter Celebration– Easter is a popular time of the year for family get-togethers, so getting family members together for an enjoyable event is easier. Plan to attend Easter services at a church that can accommodate all of the family; if possible, attend a church that has particular significance to family history. Potluck meals as well as outdoor grilling is best so everyone can enjoy the great spring weather.

Birthday Themes, Anniversaries, & other Milestones
– Wedding Anniversary Celebration– Big celebrations are usually planned for the 25th (Silver), 30th (Pearl), 40th (Ruby), 50th (Golden), or 60th (Diamond) wedding anniversary. If a ceremony or renewal of vows is planned, the motif or color usually corresponds with the theme (silver, gold, etc.), but if you have activities or festivities planned around the ceremony itself, veering away from the theme is allowed.

– Birthday Blast– A reunion planned around a significant family member’s birthday (usually for a patriarch or matriarch) would likely depend on the personal interests or hobbies of the celebrant. Trivia games can center on numerous facts and important milestones in that person’s life.

Music Themes
– Decades of Fun– Bring back the music of the past with family reunion events that celebrate the hits of yesterday. If your family has a lot of musically-inclined members, let them know ahead of time what decade would be featured (’50’s, ’60’s, ’70’s, etc.) so numbers and performances can be prepared. Encourage collaborations and healthy competition with prizes that leap right out of the decade you are reminiscing.

– Karaoke Kin– Who doesn’t love some good ol’ karaoke? Have your group pick songs from a hat to perform for the rest of the family. Make sure to throw some fun, contemporary songs in the mix, like Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” Come on, who wouldn’t want to watch their Uncle Bob belt out those lyrics?!

– Talent Show Showdown – Another great idea for the family of a thousand skills! Spend the afternoon enjoying each other’s company, or should I say, sizing up the competition! During the last night of your reunion, let everyone perform their talent for the audience, whether it be singing, juggling, or belching out the ABC’s. In the end of the night, a winner is crowned “Most Talented (Family Last Name)!”

Movie & TV Themes.
-“Pirates of the Caribbean”– Is your crew a gold-hungry, rum-drunk bunch of swashbucklers? Neither is mine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend for a night or two! Enjoy some sword fighting, a sea shanty sing-off, and even a look for buried treasure with your land-lovin’ in-laws! ‘And ye better not forget yer pirate apparel, or ye’ll walk the plank!

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