Carry Your Smartphone on the Group Excursion


At presents, many of us carry personal computers around in our pockets all the time. It’s pretty absurd what you can possibly do with your smartphone, and that list just keeps progressing. With the convenience of information and apps at our fingertips, it may make one wonder why you would like to schedule an outing with a tour operator, since it seems simple to look after all the particulars that a tour operator does on your own, using your phone.

We enjoy partnering with tour operators to handle all the transportation concerns for their group. And, all the conveniences of smartphones aside, it’s a great deal to be able to experience a tour operator when you travel because they sort out all the details and make the going easy. It’s what they do all the time, and they’re good at it.

Do we think you should leave your smartphone at home, or that it won’t be beneficial for your upcoming tour? Never! You’ll love the services your tour operator gives, but you’ll love having your phone along for these perks, too.

It’s pretty much the most effective way to stay in touch with those who stayed home. You simply can’t avoid the convenience of managing to text your neighbor about grabbing your mail at home or keep tabs on a sensitive situation with a friend. And if you need to keep track of a progression at work, there’s nothing like having the chance to enjoy the day sightseeing and afterwards check your email at night to keep abreast with what’s going on back in your regular life.

These days, there are some pretty amazing cameras installed in phones. Gone are the days of film, when you got only so many exposures on a 35 millimeter roll, and you never knew if the pictures were any good or not. Take video and sound clips and share them easily with your loved ones, too.

Edit your photos and videos. Utilize that phone to apply filters, add text over a photo, clip segments from video, apply backlight or flash to a dark photo, and the list continues. This is an awesome tool to have along for all the photos you take on your trip.

Use your phone to post it to social media once you’ve got that photo that you love. It’s fun to share your travel adventures with friends and family. Even though you’re away, you’ll still feel related and it’s enjoyable to share the details!

Want to check your bank account information so you know how much money you’ve got to spend? Want to double check the trip information so you know what the schedule is for the day after tomorrow? There’s pretty much an app for everything these days, and they’re super hassle-free and can make your traveling adventure so much easier!

Take notes. Want a convenient way to remember all the details your tour operator is giving you at each of the stops along the way? It’s not essential to haul a notepad or pen along on the day trips. That little device in your pocket is the awesome place to type up all your thoughts. It’s small, hardly weighs a thing, and is super helpful! You can pull the notes off of it and transfer them to a Word document or wherever you go for to store them once you get home.

Hear your favorite tunes. There’s certainly something to be said for Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora. No matter what you’re doing on your trip, there’s always room for some good music!

Be sure you don’t miss out on the podcasts you love when you’re travel, either. Your phone is an awesome way to listen to those podcasts while you get your workout in or take a walk in the early morning before the day begins.

Uncertain what the weather will be like the next few days? It’s easy to review your phone and see whether it will be rain or shine, cold or hot, windy or humid. Having your phone makes it easy to check ahead of time for temperature and weather conditions so you’ll know what to wear and other things to prepare for.

How about employing your phone for downtime? Sometimes you’ve got a few minutes to kill while you’re anticipating members of your group, or you need a few minutes to loosen up before you turn in for the night after a long day. You can play a round of scrabble with friends, get in another hand of pinochle before sleeping, or read a few more pages in your book.

Smartphones make negotiating travel a breeze, especially when combined with the convenience of an organized tour with a tour operator. If you’re a tour operator planning out the details, we’d love to work with you!

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