Charter Bus For Your Out Of Town Soccer Games


Going to a soccer game at Reno Nevada and hiring a charter bus Reno is a good idea for several reasons. The team and all the support crew can discuss together their last minute strategies for the soccer match. The whole team members can relax and enjoy the charter bus to Reno. The bus is luxurious and comfortable with its spacious reclining seat and retractable arm rest. There is enough leg room where one can stretch out his leg during the trip. The bus has also a clean and cozy rest room.

The driver of the charter bus to Reno is very friendly and courteous. He is a licensed driver and well trained in defensive driving and safety techniques. The whole team will not to worry about their safety then. The Amador Stagelines who operates the charter bus to Reno is committed to have the whole team arrived at the game venue at the agreed time.

The charter bus will pick each team member on a specified pick up point around Sacramento and bring them to the game venue at Reno. The bus will be waiting until the game is finished and until everybody come on board for the trip going home to Sacramento.

The team fans and supporters could also have their own charter bus and all the buses will leave Sacramento for a caravan up to the game venue. Team banners and streamers could be hung on the side of the chartered buses. This caravan of supporters and fans could give high morale and spirit to the team.

Contact immediately the Amador Stagelines for your transportation need. Visit their official web site or call them on their telephone. Their courteous and friendly booking and reservation staff will immediately attend to your needs and answer your inquiries. Cheers for your team.

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