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Is there a singular visit to some national park which stands out on your memory of childhood?Something such as that: going camping with a few your siblings and a friend, driving into Utah’s desert, blaring a Cowboy Junkies album, singing, talking and giggling together. You have to have left late in the day, since when you arrived to towering walls of rock red rock country, it was dark. You were on your friend’s white Daihatsu, within Canyonlands National Park, trying to decide where to plant down to the night. As a young man, it looked like you just kept driving and driving, but you eventually found a place and parked. You don’t remember much about establishing camp, except that you weren’t in a campground. You were in the middle of nowhere –in the dark, silent expanse of the southern Utah desert, alone in that huge area, able to enjoy solitude with no noise of neighboring campers.

However, the thing you’ll never forget came the next morning. Coming out of the tent, you saw what an incredible campsite you’d found. Amazingly, the website was only a few hundred feet by a sheer drop away. Looking down from this precipice, you watched the Colorado slice like a liquid jade ribbon through the rock floor of the vast canyon below. And, it was snowing. In your mind’s eye, looking back to that moment, what you remember is that: a silent winter morning, throwing a frisbee back and forth on a cliff, snow falling from red rock, the bite of cold air that is late December.

Most of us can look back on our own lives and recognize moments in character that stand out in our memory minutes that changed us minutes where we had been absorbed in wonder, awe, exhilaration and beauty. There’s something to be said for getting away from the rush and noise of one’s everyday life and leaving all of the behind: walking away from the displays, tablets and phones, and immersing yourself into a world of quiet and wonder. For all, as in the case above, this respite are found at the national parks.

The theory behind the national parks was to designate and conserve these spaces for folks to view, experience and enjoy, to shield them from development, and to ensure their presence for generations to come. Although the parks are more controlled today than they used to be, they still exist to be enjoyed by all people.

If you’re planning a group vacation with some friends, reserve a motorcoach and consider vacationing one (or more!) of the national parks. A trainer is the thing to do for transport! It permits you to travel with buddies, and gets the space required for sporting and camping equipment (for rappelling or kayaking, for example), in addition to food, clothes and extra supplies. But, beyond the perks of a motorcoach, here are a few reasons why we believe opting to sightsee and experience the national parks up near is a great idea.

It feels great to move your body. Whether You Wish to bike in the Great Smoky Mountains, hike to Delicate Arch in Arches, raft the Grand Canyon or go cross country ski in Glacier National Park, it’s always a Fantastic idea to unplug and get out and enjoy nature. Plus, when you are exercising, your body releases endorphins, only an additional bonus to an already amazing experience.

Getting into nature gives an opportunity to get reacquainted with silent. We are living in a crowded, ever-changing world, a place where we’re diverted at every turn by media noise, traffic and the requirements of contemporary living. There’s something important in those areas that don’t change, where the current hectic insanity hasn’t taken their quiet or pristine beauty. Escaping into these spaces of refuge allows us time to become reacquainted with lost pieces of ourselves, and needed time to re-center our own life and recharge.

Disconnecting in the daily routine means you’re going to be creating memories. When all is said and done, you don’t take much out of this life with you when death comes knocking at your door. You won’t take some of the wealth you spent much time collecting or the names you chased on your own career. In the conclusion of the day, you’ll have your relationships and your memories, and traveling through beautiful parks together with people you love will likely strengthen the bonds you have and be something you’ll remember forever.

And last, but not least? There is nothing like getting out at a huge, majestic, beautiful neighborhood in character to restore your sense of wonder and awe, something that brings back things to scale and makes it possible to see things as they really are. Something about realizing that you are a very small speck in the middle of a huge world brings wonder and amazement in its aftermath.

An individual could say a lot about why getting out into nature is good for your soul. There’s something about it that’s difficult to articulate. It’s almost inborn, as though we are being summoned by our oldest ancestors, those hunter gatherer nomads. Seems ironic that today we practically have to envision ourselves into nature, because we relate to it at a mostly different way than those of the past, but it’s a lovely thought to envision them admiring the very same canyons, highlighting the very same celebrities, and sleeping beneath that same white, milky moon.

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