Clean, Safe And Timely Bus Travel In Sacramento


Cleanliness is everybody’s concern. Amador Stagelines, the operator of Sacramento charter bus and Sacramento bus rental, is washing, cleaning and disinfect thoroughly all their buses on a regular basis. This is to ensure that all their buses and motor coaches are very clean before it left their bus depot. No bad odors, no dusts, no mosquitoes and no bacteria that can cause infectious diseases.

The safety of passengers is another important concern by Amador Stagelines. They only hire chauffeurs and drivers who are highly experienced, knowledgeable and very accommodating. All are licensed bus and motor coach drivers and have undergone serious trainings on safety driving techniques, defensive driving and anti-terror driving. Their drivers have also undergone a thorough background check prior to hiring. This company’s policy will ensure that all their drivers and support personnel are psychologically fit and have a good working behavior. In addition, all their buses are now equipped with metal detectors to detect any bombing attempts on-board their buses and motor coaches.

One of the most boring and annoying experience for passengers is to wait for too long for late bus schedule. Amador Stagelines have dedicated bus and motor coaches dispatcher and time conscious driver not to let their passenger down. They ensure that all their buses and motor coaches are running on time and on schedule. This is to ensure that their passenger will arrive at their destination on time for a very important appointment and event to be attended.

Their dedicated management team is working hard to deliver an outstanding service to their passengers and clients. They are in the front line for an innovative motor coach service in Pacific Coast and continue to be the fastest growing and a stronger motor coach company in Sacramento California. For your bus charter needs in Sacramento, contact Amador Stagelines, you will never regret it.

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