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Do you remember those scenes on the bus in “Remember the Titans”? In the first scene, the gamers (and coaches, honestly) are on opposite sides of the fence, racial barriers present and still strong in between them. As they return from camp, nevertheless, the feeling could not be more different. They’re blended together and it’s no longer unpleasant. They’re singing, chuckling, making jokes, and there’s a strong feeling of brotherhood there. They’ve come together as a true group, both on and off the field.

Sure, sports are great due to the fact that it’s always fun to play the game, however these scenes mention other advantages that occur from group sports, and they’re maybe the more crucial ones. Discovering how to interact, overcome differences, depending on and concerning trust your teammates, and striving to get rid of challenges and troubles are all included pluses that occur with the video game.

Wherever life’s journeys take us, we take the life lessons along, too, and these lessons start way back when … from coach talks at practice to away games when you’re using competing grass. When you’re going out to an away game, state championship, or camp in prep for the school year, let us be the wheels that take you there!

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