Condense and Go Green!


What’s the good feature of a Leatherman? Rather than carrying 17 various tools around, you can have all of them on a useful little gadget that suits your pocket. Or, have you ever been at a flower shop, trying to determine what flowers you would like to buy? And, in the end, you want some of multiple kinds? There are white petunias in one flat, purple in another, a striped selection over here, and a rosy color over there, and you want them all. What’s the natural thing to do? You grab one flat container and fill it with all the several six packs combined; it’s a lot easier than possessing four or five different flats, each with only a few six packs of flowers in them, right?

Carbon dioxide, a key component of car exhaust, is harmful to our environment and is contributing to greater global problems at large, not to mention the air quality of the areas in which we live, too. As much as we hate the smog in the wintertime, it’s a visual statement to what cars are emitting into our air all the time– we just can’t usually see it!

You and I can’t wave a magic wand and give everyone an electric car to significantly reduce the carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every day, we can be more environmentally-conscious in our transportation choices. And (this is rude, we know), a motorcoach is just one wonderful way to carry out this! Like the Leatherman and flower examples, choosing to condense (in this particular case, drive fewer vehicles) is a more suitable choice. Why?

Well, for starters, our coaches can carry up to 57 passengers at one time. While this may not appear like any big deal on its own, you realize the significance of it environmentally when you compute that riding in a motorcoach results in removing up to 57 other cars off the road. And, a few of our coach models run off of CNG, an alternative that is better for the environment, too.

When you want to make a useful choice for your day that you can feel good about, choose a motorcoach! In case you offer it for your employees for a work shuttle each morning or get one for an upcoming sightseeing tour with friends, there’s no doubt about it: when it pertains to the environment, one vehicle is better than many!

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