Culinary Tours Are For Foodies


When Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the most ideal people.” Ummmm yes, and we believe it’s an offense not to enjoy good food everyday. The options are endless … from delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables to warm baguettes at the local French bakery. There’s typically your favorite wine with the complement of a perfect cheese, the decadent chocolate dessert that’s a go-to whenever you’ve had a rough week, and your great-grandmother’s recipe for pierogi that has been passed on for a few decades and is still a family choice.

See … you won’t relate to any of those things if you’re not serious about food. It’s an if-then clause that goes something like this: If I don’t eat, I’ll be hungry, grumpy and have less energy. Find something to take care of that need, and they’re not particular cuz it doesn’t even make a difference what it is.

Okay, so we probably each identify someone like that, but we don’t think you’re one of them. If you understand anything we said at first, there’s a foodie blooming in you. And regardless if you’re a novice when it comes to cooking or you’ve taught your own cooking tricks to others, the world of culinary education is an interesting place to be.

As a motorcoach provider, we like joining the culinary world by enhancing your options to examine new things, taste new flavors, and test new blends. Culinary tours are fun and will give you fresh ideas to try out in the kitchen when you’re back at home and ready to entertain friends for dinner.

When a bunch of foodie friends come together to indulge in the world of yummy eats, we ‘d love to follow along to acquire you from stop to stop. If you’re trying to find a vacation that’s different from any you’ve taken before, think about taking a culinary tour. There’s no question the transportation will be on point, the conversation a delight, and the calories to crave!

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