Cuz Cities Have Parties, Too!


Sure, we are great when it comes to developing a thriving city transit system; cuz transportation is kind of what we do. And we’re excellent when it comes to helping get kids to school, taking the nursing home occupants on a much needed outing, and getting the high school football team to an away game.

With summer right around the corner, numerous cities are looking ahead and preparing for the activities during the warmer months. Some cities even have a city-wide celebration, with festivals, events, food, activities, and more.

If this type of thing is lessening in your city this summer and you’re on the planning committee, you’re going to have to think about transportation, because it’s definitely a factor when that many people are coming together. If you’re in charge of trying to work with all the transportation downtown during the event, consider hiring us to help. The following are four reasons why a motorcoach service like ours is a perfect solution to what you’re going to be up against.

Parking. Because there are a lot of people that come out, parking areas get clogged. Downtown is only equipped to handle so many people, and not specifically ready to accommodate the whole city at once. Having us handle the event makes it possible for folks to get around who don’t bring a car (cuz who wants to, with so many people?).

Shuttling the mass of people. Let’s face it. When the city is putting on a shindig, people come out in droves, and you’ve got to find a way to get everyone around. If you have various activities going down in several locations, give us the chance to show you what an effective shuttle system looks like. We can move large groups of people from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently, whether you need this to happen as part of a circuit, or want several coaches, each assigned to their own route.

Designated drivers. If there’s a big festival occurring and alcohol is permitted, having us on hand ensures that the drivers on the road will be those who haven’t had anything to drink. Want to keep everyone safe and avoid tons of accidents in the city later on that night? We are the answer you need.

Budget-friendly. We focus on offering professional service at a great rate. We include our expertise in group transportation, add it to anything you have on the plate, and the result is that you get convenient, professional group transportation at a practical price you can afford.

For all of these explanations, we think that you’ll be delighted with the service that we can offer your city’s celebration. If you’d like to give us a try, contact us for a quote and discover professional, friendly service too.

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