Did You Learn Thomas Jefferson Enjoyed Wine?


As Americans, we may possibly well consider Thomas Jefferson for the recognized words that he written when he created the Declaration of Independence. While that document was vital then, and still stands as a significant historical text and piece of America’s history, it doesn’t tell us much about the man who penned it. (Maybe the only thing we find out about him specifically while reading the document is that he was a fantastic writer.).

But Jefferson was a “renaissance man,” if ever there was one. He was a man who was passionate about getting to know– about different cultures, horticulture, architecture, and ideas, among other things.

He worked for our nation in several capacities, including as an ambassador to France, the first Secretary of State to President George Washington, and Vice President to John Adams before he was elected into office to act as the nation’s third president. He also served as the governor of Virginia from 1779-1781.

One of the things his presidency is well-known for is the Louisiana Purchase, when the United States bought a big chunk of land from France. Thus, Jefferson had Lewis and Clark explore this new territory and record their observations and findings.

He married a woman by the name of Martha Wayles Skelton, and the couple had children together, though only two of them lived to be adults.

He was greatly involved with the creation of the University of Virginia, and it’s one of the few things that he had recorded on his epitaph, which reads: “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and father of The University of Virginia.”.

He developed his famous home, Monticello, a beautiful estate with gardens and tasteful architectural features that display his ingenuity for design.


Among all of these other particulars about his life, many of us may not have an idea that Jefferson was known and valued for his knowledge of all things wine.

Like a lot of his fellow Americans, he liked sweeter wines in his younger years. Having said that, the time that he spent in France transformed his palate preferences forever afterward.

From the personal records that he kept, we realize that he purchased lots of wine and that he kept a varied collection in his wine cellar. And, surprisingly, his assessments of different wines match contemporary ratings of fine wines as well, confirming his skill, knowledge and expertise.

Jefferson is even quoted as saying, “Good wine is a necessity of life for me.” And while we aren’t contemporaries of Jefferson’s time, much of us might share that same view. And hey, if that takes place to be you, you’d certainly love joining us for one of our wine tours. If going through beautiful vineyards, becoming familiarized with various varietals, and tasting vintages all sounds like your type of a great time, call us today!

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