Do You Know That Sonoma Is An Old Name Of Sacramento


Visiting some place, one ought to learn some interesting history about the place, the people and its culture. Upon arriving home, one could tell some friends of an interesting story learned from the tour. When going to take a group tour via a Sacramento charter bus from Amador Stage Lines in and around Sacramento City, there should something to learn from the trip.

Situated at the convergence of the Sacramento and American River, the capital of the State of California should be looked as a bustling city of steel and glass towers as like as in any other part of the world. While much are clustered in some part of the capital city, the downtown, as most residents referred to as the “Old Sac” the major streets are dominantly occupied by elegant Victorian homes and shaded by century old trees. The capital had grown from several small communities growing alongside with each other forming a metropolis and has shared some common civic and government centers.

Have you ever known what the official flag of the State of California is? Sacramento being the state capital is the repository of state’s historical documents and symbol. The historic Bear Flag was raised by group American settlers on June 14, 1846 commemorating the revolt against the Mexican rule at Sonoma, which was later named Sacramento. This flag was officially adopted by the State Legislature in 1911. Maybe, what is interesting about the flag is the bear. The grizzly bear represents many bears that found in the place at the time. The revolt was called the bear flag revolt that lasted for 31days.

Visiting Sacramento once again, you will take time to learn more about its history and culture so that you can have some stories to tell your family and some friends. They will surely be happy and interested listening to your educational story.

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