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What is one dangerous ingredient that has sneaked in almost all of our packaged foods? Our foods have many additives, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is particularly prevalent.

In a chiding he gave titled” Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” he breaks down the various chemical reactions in the body to make clear how different sugars are processed. We have an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure in our country, and he thinks these are a direct result of our diet– specifically, the byproduct of consuming a lot of sugar.

HFCS was developed in Japan in 1966, but it wasn’t sold in the United States until the mid-70s. Around that same time, there was a lot of concern pertaining to the relationship between weight gain and heart disease. As a result, there was a push toward a low-fat diet, the premise being that eating fat raises the levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein– a fat protein) in the body. But, here’s the real truth: not all fat is damaging, and removing fat from our diet really created a big problem. Why? And only one of them is harmful because there are two types of LDL in your body. Eating fat increases the levels of high-density lipoprotein, and these aren’t bad for you. When the low-fat craze started and fat was removed from foods, it didn’t taste good. … how did the food industry make up for that lack in flavor? Sugar, of course!

With the arrival of HFCS, adding something sweet was cheap and easy! At present, much of what we consume has HFCS in it: soft drinks, processed, packaged food, and any number of items from the drive thru at most fast food joints. The thing is: we may be satiating our hunger, but we’re also absorbing something that’s really bad for our bodies. According to Lustig, that single ingredient alone is an agitator for many of the health crises we are facing today– in the United States, and across the world.

When you put fructose in your body, it doesn’t induce insulin production. Continue to eat! When you consume fructose, a large chunk of those calories will end up in fat simply because of how the body chemically processes it.

Right about this point we’re certain you’re asking what HFCS has todo with the motorcoach industry. Well, we’re talking about it because we are advocates of eating real food in place of processed food. And even though you likely think of motorcoach travel and associate it with tour groups or family reunions, we’re here to tell you that we also offer culinary tours. One of the major obstacles to eating better is not knowing how to cook from scratch. The byproduct of that is that we end up eating a lot of processed junk– stuff that is literally harmful to the body.

So, by coming on one of our culinary tours, you can sample fresh, real food, learn how to make some yummy dishes, obtain culinary tips, and discover how to blend spices and numerous techniques making delicious food. And it’s a win/win: you’ll have something delicious to make when you have friends come for dinner, and know, at the same time, that you’re eating something that’s healthier for you. Making food in your own kitchen is one way you can be sure to reduce your intake of high fructose corn syrup– because you can read labels and only use ingredients that don’t have that as an additive

But… here’s to eating real food, loving authentic, genuine flavor, and taking responsibility for your health! Contact and schedule a culinary tour with us today!

The information for this post arise from the following lecture given by Dr. Robert Lustig:

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