Enjoyable Facts About the Pentagon


Everyone has an idea that the Pentagon is the home of the United States Department of Defense. All branches of the U.S. military are based here, and the no nonsense, non-embellished concrete exterior conveys the feel of a fortress.

If you’ve never checked out the building or taken a tour, you may not know much about it. It’s an amazing structure, and listed here are some interesting, fun facts.

For beginners, it’s mammoth. Like, big. As a reference point, you could get all of the office space in the Empire State Building times two, and that would offer you an idea of the Pentagon’s capacity. That’s a lot of offices, people!

It has more than 17 miles of hallways, but you can actually walk between the furthest points in the building in a relatively quick time frame by making use of the inner courtyard.

The concrete for the building was made, in part, from sand that was taken from the Potomac River.

Despite the fact that 23,000 employees work there each day, it was built to be able to house 40,000 employees and can settle 10,000 cars. (Enormous, right?!).

It has a lot of bathrooms! During its building and construction, segregation was still a pretty prominent issue, so the building plan included separate bathrooms for whites and blacks. Nevertheless, President Roosevelt passed a law banning splitting up for employees that worked for the government. The bathrooms have been non-segregated since the building first opened its doors because of that.

Before the building was accomplished, employees were already functioning in office space that was completed, while construction continued on what remained to be done.

The vision for the premises took shape at a time when the United States military staff were extended, working in 17 different buildings. The idea was to build a building that would bring all of the divisions of the military to one place.

The building’s intriguing shape choice is because of the fact that it was actually going to be built on a section of land that once belonged to General Robert E. Lee. This land was roughly in the shape of a pentagon. Plans changed when it was decided that they didn’t want to build that structure immediately adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery. And even though they ultimately chose another site, they went ahead with the original building design.

Surprisingly, the 9/11 attack on the building occurred precisely 60 years, to the day, from the date construction started on the building in 1941.

A memorial honoring those that were killed at the Pentagon on 9/11 was released to the public on September 11, 2008. The memorial features a bench for every life that was lost at the Pentagon that day. Some benches point toward the structure, representing those that were killed from inside the building, and others point away to memorialize the others that were aboard American Airlines Flight 77.

All of these information aside, the Pentagon stands as a monument to the American military. We commemorate those who serve and sacrifice to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy here in this land. It is an advantage for us to assist in transporting the service men and women of our country, whether that’s in helping with a military ball or getting troops to the airport. Motorcoaches are there to provide a solution if there’s a military transportation need! Call us today!

(And, if you would like to find out more about the Pentagon and learn more in-depth details about the things explained in this article, check out the sites we got our information from. Also, it’s fun to watch the two minute informational clip on history.com‘s site, too!).


And, to the members of the military … thanks for serving our country!

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