Exciting Ideas to Document Your Trip


When you’ve put in the time off of work, packed your bags, and the kids prepared to go, there’s nothing better than going out for a family adventure. Being all together as a family, spotting the sites, having time to chat, visit, and laugh, and taking a few good days to pay attention to the people you’re with is a blessing that doesn’t come around often enough.

In reality, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime, and it’s great to document these experiences for remembering later. While people do this in different ways, the important thing is finding something that works for you.

State your feelings through an art form. Maybe you aren’t one to take pictures, write things down, or bring things home. You may be someone who wants to articulate your experience by writing a song with the guitar, painting a picture, writing a poem, or creating something that represents an idea.

Take videos. That interface makes it easy to record a few thoughts every day, and it’s easy to attach a photo with your words to provide an umbrella approach at capturing the whole experience.

Take time to write. There’s something about writing down some thoughts, even a few words, to articulate an experience and capstone a day. Maybe someone said a one liner that had everyone in stitches, or shared something deeply personal with the group.

Take pictures. There’s that saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in some ways, it’s correct. Pictures will jog your memory of your travels, and you’ll rejoice to have them.

Carry something important home. There are always a bunch of random ornaments and usual memorabilia that people buy. But what about buying something that holds personal meaning to you, something that actually takes you to a particular memory or something you don’t want to ignore? For example, maybe you had a life-changing talk on the beach with someone you love, something that brought a solution to your life or helped you let go of some long-held pain. You might gather a bunch of seashells for your mantle from that place. They’ll remind you of what transpired in that moment, long after you’ve come home and life has resumed.

Thus, next time you’re on a sightseeing excursion, keep an eye on your trip so you can remember the specifics later and others can benefit from the fun you had, too. And if you need a way to get everyone around, we provide transportation for groups that are exceptional in customer service and satisfaction. Give us a call and we’ll show it!

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