Exercise and Green Transportation


It has become a common thing to see people wearing Fitbits. Although they are available in different colors and models, it’s pretty normal to hear people talking about the number of steps they’ve walked, or for someone to mention that they’re going to take the stairs or go for a late walk to try to meet their goal for the day. Aware, right?

If you’re curious how many calories you burned during a certain exercise, something will track it for you. If you want to know how many carbs are in a serving of your favorite recipe, you can input it into a recipe calculator and get all the nutrition facts by simply submitting the information.

Why are these points encouraging? Well, for beginners, they are motivating us to take more responsibility for our health and to prioritize being good to our bodies. Here’s the thing: these activity trackers are also prioritizing better environmental health. How?

Well, primarily because they’re encouraging us to move our bodies, as an alternative to using something else to get us around. As an alternative to riding in a car releasing toxins into the air, we make use of our own two legs to walk, bike, or run to where we have to go. And hey … we’re doing our hearts a good will, too.

Nevertheless, the truth is, we can’t always do that. Sometimes the daily commute to work is several miles, too far to be able to walk or bike to work and make things on time in the morning. There are social interactions with friends, family reunions entailing lots of people and kids, too, and there are group tours where transportation to numerous locations is important to manage to see everything in the allotted time.

Bottom line? It’s just simply not possible to make the greenest alternative for transportation at all times.

What can you do when you need to go a far distance, and it really isn’t feasible to go the zero-emissions route and start off your activity-tracking app to keep track of your mileage, pace, and calories burned?

Well … you make the next best alternative.

And that’s where we show up. We might not have the ability to pull off zero emissions, but coach transportation is smart transportation. Our coaches can transport up to 57 passengers, which means that we potentially eliminate that many extra cars off the roads, cutting down the pollution being released into the environment by that much as well.

That’s the pledge we provide, in addition to keeping our fleet in top condition so that the amount of harmful emissions we put into the air is as small as we can make it.

When you have to ride a far distance (instead of counting steps), make the next best choice for the environment and call us for your group transportation needs!

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