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It’s hard to find balance, and even trickier to get dinner on the table (or even find the time to make it!). If all of this sounds familiar, here are some strategies for how you can make dinner time a little less stressful.

The one where you’re working all day long, have to get one kid to soccer practice, another kid to dance, and still another couple of kids to gymnastics? It’s worth it to not have to stress about dinner prep or clean up on a day that is already crazy full.

You can throw some ingredients in it at the beginning of the day, come home at the end of it, and serve something that tastes like you slaved most of the day in the kitchen. Throw some ribs in with BBQ sauce and let them go all day, shred a roast for simple tacos, or throw the ingredients for your family’s favorite soup in there.

Do you want to cook but never enjoy doing all the grocery shopping? Or, are you one of those people that visits the store to purchase food every night for dinner? Or runs out of thoughts of what to make? If these examples resemble you, you might consider registering for a meal subscription service like Blue Apron, Gobble, Peachdish or Plated. (Honestly, there are numerous out there, so you ‘d must do the research to look for the one that best fits the needs of your family.) Get the headache away from planning the menu or looking for the food by having everything delivered to your door, ready with guidelines for how to cook it and put it together. Voila!

Have one low-prep meal every week. No matter what it is, think of a few meals that are family staples and only take a short time to get ready, and use one of those once a week.

Make it a grill night. Throwing some meat on the grill limits the dishes you use in cooking, shortens clean up time, and you can easily open some cans of baked beans, heat up a bag of frozen vegetables, or open a favorite bag of potato chips to round things off.

Make a bunch of meals in advance. Being able to come home and grab a lasagna from the freezer to put in the oven while you set the table and help your son finish his homework makes things a little less chaotic.

When you’re cooking for your brood every day, it can be easy to run out of meal ideas and get burned out. If you’re looking for a way to bring some new flavors and meals to your table, you might consider signing up for one of our culinary tours. These tours are a great way to learn new cooking techniques, be introduced to new flavors, and inspire fresh meal ideas when you need a change.

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