Field Tripping With Bathrooms


What is your earliest upsetting moment? When you get back in memory to try and recall the first time you remember feeling like you’d like to curl up and disappear, what enters your mind? Maybe it takes you totally back to when you were six, headed out for a field trip with the entire first grade.

Field trip days are exciting days, because you’re leaving the school and won’t need to do schoolwork. In fact, you get to engage in something other than the norm. You board the bus, get a seat mate, and you’re on your way for a fun day at the zoo.

On the hour drive north, you try not to pay attention to the fact that buses always make you feel slightly anxious. Rather, you chat with your neighbor, wonder what you got in your sack lunch, and before you realize it, you’ve gotten there.

You invest the next couple of hours walking around and seeing the a variety of animals and having fun with your classmates. At noon, you relax together on a grassy lawn area and eat lunch, brown paper sacks, bologna and cheese sandwiches, and children making a colorful, moving patchwork in the warm May sunshine.

Immediately after eating, you go to the far edge of the zoo where the bears and lions are, hang around watching the sea lions swim, admire the elephants, and afterwards take a pass by the gorillas and monkeys on your way back to the main square at 1:30. You’ve got only 15 minutes before it will be time to acquire back on the bus and head for home.

Just then, your eye catches on something totally magical. Cotton candy. Big, huge, colorful swabs of it on those long cardboard sticks. Greedily, you obtain the money in your pocket that your mom tucked there before you left that morning, and you hand it over in swap for one of those miraculous bunches of total sugar gluttony.

You begin eating it and enjoy the phenomenon of the way it melts in your mouth in a totally delightful way, each time. And, before you know it, the teachers are saying it’s time to load the buses. Everyone is gathering up with their class group, following their teacher, who is checking out the list to make sure that everyone is accounted for. When all is said and done, you leave, and you’re on your way home.

At some point, your native tendency toward carsickness rears its ugly head. Your stomach is feeling like a roller coaster and it isn’t calming down. And then it dawns on you, a thought almost worse than the physical discomfort of feeling nauseated: What if I can’t make it back to the school?

You make it. You do. You literally hear the bell ring announcing the end of the day as the bus pulls up to the north side of the school. Just as the bus is rolling to a stop, you lose it. Completely puke. Like, cotton candy everywhere, all around yourself.

Oh, and did we mention that you were at the very front of the bus? Total wishing you could just curl up and go away so everyone wouldn’t have to see you as they file past and get off the bus. (Why, oh why, couldn’t you have been sitting at the back?!).

Well. Maybe this isn’t your story, but it illustrates something we think makes motorcoaches perfect for school groups. THERE’S A BATHROOM ON BOARD! Ummmmmm, nuff said, especially with younger school kids. The whole incident recounted above could have been avoided completely, had there been an available bathroom to use. You never know if someone is going to be sick or have to use the toilet, despite the fact that they didn’t need to go before you left on the expedition. (Cuz, duh, that’s how it always happens.).

Next time you’re finalizing the details for an upcoming field trip with elementary kids, give a motorcoach a try. See what convenient, affordable, friendly, professional customer service looks like!

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