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Stories are relatable things that help us connect to others. There are great deals of individuals doing amazing things on the planet, and taking the opportunity to pay attention to each other is a possibility to gain from, grow, and be influenced by the experiences of others. This is one reason why participating in conferences, storytelling festivals, music shows, or entrepreneurial events with inspiring speakers fills our imaginative containers and motivates us to do different things with our lives.

Take Meg Worden.

She’s a speaker, health coach, and writer doing lots of essential things in her work. However she has a surprising story; she spent 2 years in prison for dealing drugs and came out of that experience identified to affect others for good. She’s been able to be open about her story and bless others due to the fact that of that goal. In an interview on the Unmistakable Creative Podcast a few years back, she shared the following gems from her life experience.

* Sharing your experience is a way that you can construct relationships with other people. A lot of us are afraid of rejection– scared that if we let people truly know us, we won’t be good enough.

* It’s crucial to be embodied– to focus on being present in our bodies and the situations we are experiencing instead of constantly revisiting the past or compulsively fretting about or projecting into the future.

* Something truly fantastic happens when we are able to be alright with uncertainty. When Meg has been able to remove herself from a specific outcome in her life, she’s been able to request the capability to be fine with whatever happens without putting ramifications on what the future needs to look like.

* Being alright with unknowing assists you get curious about your life.

* And what about moving forward in your life and really achieving change? Meg stated this: “I believe it’s important to analyze whether you really desire the thing that you are stating you want, or whether you really want to be the individual who wants the thing you’re saying you want. It’s so easy to habituate a way of being.” The truth is: as we begin to work toward genuine change, we undoubtedly wind up in a location that makes us feel susceptible and exposed. Once again, working on being fine with the unknown can help us push through instead of coming undone and not making progress.

Whether beginning an organisation, working toward much better health, or valuing imagination in all of its conferences, types and shows, shows and presentations can be beneficial for all of us. These types of occasions typically draw a crowd, and crowds mean lots of individuals and lots of cars.

The details for this post originated from the following podcast interview with Meg Worden:

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