Finding The Best Sacramento Tourist Spots


Looking for the best tourist spots in Sacramento? This can be possible right now through reading some magazines, newspapers, and browsing on the Internet. Once you find the best tourist spot in that place, it’s time to travel. When it comes to your travel, check out for some Sacramento bus lines. Sacramento is located in Northern California and considered as the capital city of glittering Golden State. However, there are only few people know that this place has much to offer when it comes to tourist spots. This place is voted as the most pleasant and livable cities of the nation. In terms of art, architecture, culture, and beautiful sceneries, this place has lots to offer. For those people who are planning to visit the place this summer, check out the Sacramento bus and visit some tourist spots below.

The California State Railroad Museum is the best place to visit. This is a very unique museum that has a huge area of more than 100,000 sq. feet. Did you know that this is considered as the largest museum on earth? Tourists here can witness 21 locomotives restored trains and also many wagons. There are also thousands of railroad artifacts on display.

Visit the beautiful State Capitol. This place is known as a piece of neoclassical architecture that was built way back between 1861 and 1869. This capitol was restored last 1982. This is a beautiful place to behold since one can witness bronze sculptures, colorful gardens, mosaic floors, and many more. Tourists can also check out the official seat of the governor here and Parliamentary chambers.

Witness the Big Four Building. This is a famous building named after these four men in California railway history known as Charles Crocker, Leland Stanford, Collis B. Huntington, and Mark Hopkins. These four men pioneers start in Sacramento and move to the big city called San Francisco.

Nobody can reach this beautiful place without the Sacramento bus lines. So visiting this place is possible through riding in this sleek and modern Sacramento bus.

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