Five Routines to Practice At Work


Despite the fact that we can probably all relate to the sentiments in Alan Jackson’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” the reality is that all of us allot a lot of time at work. Whether it’s working the day or night shift, part-time or full, work is a necessity because it’s how we pay our bills and take care of our families.

But. There can be all kinds of drama at work, and if one thing’s for sure, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of things with your boss. If you want to be an asset to your boss and the company as a whole, here are five habits to cultivate at work.

To begin with, eliminate getting on the gossip train. There’s that old adage that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that’s really true at work, too. If you would like to have a work team that depends on each other and works well together, you can’t spend any time talking negatively about coworkers or talking behind each other’s backs. If you’re a parent (or have talked to one), you’ll know that nothing is as stressful as constantly having to deal with disagreements. Gossiping behavior is something that every boss would prefer to avoid, and it gets wearing and annoying, too.

Second, don’t try to get on the inside track with management. Owners and managers don’t want someone always hanging around acting like their bestie, trying to constantly be “in the know” at work.

Third, if you want to show you’re responsible, appreciate your job, and respect the commitments you’ve made, don’t be late for work. It’s quite another if you’re the employee that’s perpetually showing up five, ten, or fifteen minutes late, coming in carrying your coffee and your sprinkled favorite from Dunkin’ Donuts. Keep up that habit, and you’ll likely be asked to leave.

Fourth, put your phone away. Done and done. In this day of constantly checking phones for text messages, emails, or playing the latest level of the game we’re currently hooked on, one thing needs to get through our heads: when you’re working, you’ve got ta work. Nothing is going to make your boss more suspicious that you’re not getting your job done than seeing you stare at your screen (or hurriedly shoving it in your purse or drawer) as they walk by for the fifth time in a morning. When they’re paying you, you should be doing something to deserve that pay.

Fifth and finally, save your chit-chatting for lunch or the break room. Once in a while you have the periodic conversation as you’re working side by side (and that’s normal), but if you’re constantly getting up from your desk, going to get water, and talking with everyone on the way, it’s not going to appear like you’re very efficient. Oh, and what about going to the bathroom every half hour, too? Yeah … not heading to work to your benefit. Word to the wise? Remain at your desk. Focus on your work for the day, plug in, and be accountable for what you’re asked to do.

These five simple ways will go a long way to supporting a good work culture and respecting your boss’ trust. The thing is, if your boss knows you are a hard worker, dependable, and trustworthy, you’re much more likely to get those promotions you want and know your job is risk-free, too.

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