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Sacramento, California and the surrounding area have many exciting activities for fun. It does not matter how young or how old you are; these recreational moments will make you smile for years to come.

If you like wine, you will love the many boutique wineries in El Dorado County just to the northeast of Sacramento. Tour the vines and then make time to dine. There are about twenty different wineries to choose from, so find the ones that you most like by trying them all. There is nothing more romantic than a drive through wine country followed by tours of vines and a deliciously cooked meal served on site. My friends and I love to do this when we get together. We make drinking educational.

If you know anyone who loves to eat a lot of sushi, then you are in the right city. At Suki Sushi, you can make an appointment to eat four pounds of sushi within one hour. If you eat the sushi in one hour, you get the meal for free. If you cannot make a happy plate, you must pay $29 for your meal. I have never tried this, but I have witnessed it. It makes eating out even more fun.

Sacramento bus schedules are not waiting for the adventure to start. Try doing something outdoors like hang gliding off a ridge, paddling on the lake, or go out dancing riding the bus in Sacramento. It can be done, but if you charter a bus through Amador, you will not have to worry about waiting for the bus. The bus will wait for you with many luxurious amenities not found on a city bus. Take the tour of wine country with someone else driving you and all of your friends and family around. It is the safest way to travel in style.

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