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When I got married at Lake Tahoe, most of our guests actually stayed in accommodations in Reno. Mostly, this was due to a large convention that was being held in Tahoe. But, my wife was dead set on getting married at Lake Tahoe, and I did not want to let her down. So, we had to transport the wedding party from the hotel. Guests had to travel in separate vehicles. There were as many as 25 vehicles in our mini caravan, driving the fifty mile stretch into Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the reception hall only about 4 cars in our caravan had made it, including my wife and her mother. I waited at the church as our group trickled in.

Eventually, we finally were able to recite our vows and it did end up being a happy time, albeit some major frustrations. To make matters worse though, the facility was rented by the hour and we ended up being way overdue on our time, costing me and my family a small fortune. It turned out that one person in our caravan had taken a wrong turn, which in turn led to every car behind that car taking a subsequent wrong turn. When planning a wedding, it can be difficult to get everyone to the same location in a timely matter.

Unexpected issues such as traffic can arise and put a damper on the big day. Guests could be arriving late and interrupting the proceedings. One way to ensure that this does not happen is by renting a party bus from Amador. With two exciting options, you can transport your entire wedding party from destination to destination with little worry. You will all be travelling in an intimate setting in luxury accommodations. Amador drivers are well trained and fully familiar with all of the safest and most reliable routes to any destinations. Your wedding party will feel safe and secure with us.

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