Get Your Family Together to a Celebration!


It’s not uncommon to get together with family when it’s time to celebrate, but we probably tend to do this frequently for birthdays. However, there are all kinds of reasons you can meet throughout the year, and we ‘d love to be there to transport the whole gang to whatever fun is prepared for. Aside from birthdays, here are some other occasions that are fun for your family to celebrate:

Athletic competitions. In some cases everyone comes together to support the 16-year-old in the family whose team is visited the state championship. Nobody wants to miss out on this important game!

Holidays. This is possibly one of the ones we are more acquainted with. There are all type of gatherings surrounding the holidays, and people come together to spend and continue traditions time with those they love.

Promotions. It’s a great time for everyone to get together to share in their recognition and accomplishment when someone gets promoted. It always feels good to know that the people you love take pride in you, too.

Anniversaries. This might not seem applicable when a couple is only a few years in, but what about when you’re coordinating the celebration for your parents’ 50th? At that point in time, they likely have a bunch of kids, grandkids and friends that have become part of the journey, and everyone will like to be part of that total shebang.

Graduations. In certain cases it’s a high school graduation that is bringing everyone all together, or it might be celebrating when mom got back to school and finished her degree after raising all the kids. Either way, there’s reason to scream and shout!

Weddings. When two sweethearts are getting married, everyone wants to be there to share in their joy and belong of this thrilling beginning for the new couple.

Funerals. We get together for the happy times, but we also come together for the sad times, too. Taking care of each other is a crucial part of belonging to a family.

Just having fun. If for no other reason at all, it’s always a great idea to come together to laugh. Whether it’s a planned time once a month, or something on a whim, you’ll never reminisce and regret the time you spent making great memories.

Is your family getting together to party? We hope this outline got you thinking about reasons to celebrate. And, when you do, we hope you’ll let us go along and deal with the transportation for your group!

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