Girls Loved Amador!


Bus rental in Sacramento can be a challenge. It can be a challenge anywhere, and I remembered this as I set out to find a bus that would take my Girl Scout Troop from Sacramento to the hills of Mount Shasta this fall. We are all from the great state of Kansas, so the mountains were going to be an exciting adventure for us. I wanted to make sure that we travelled in a great deal of comfort as we embarked on our journey.

The experience I had with Amador Stage Coaches was nothing short of amazing. The customer service was the first thing I noticed because it was the first thing I encountered. Every aspect of the time we spent with Amador was fabulous. The luxury line bus was incredibly clean and spacious. I have to charter buses all the time in my endeavors with the Girl Scouts and my church, so I was not expecting it to be an easy and simple task.

The customer service agent who spoke with me on the phone was unbelievably friendly. The bus was beautiful and actually smelled good. Who expects a bus to smile like anything other than a bus? Amador expects their buses to smell like a flower shop, apparently.

There were twelve girls making this trip with me. Before we left Sacramento for the sites of Northern California, I asked all of the girls to double check their personal items to guarantee that everyone had everything necessary to make the trip successfully.

Unfortunately, there was at least one thing every girl on the bus wanted to stop and purchase before we got into an area that had little in the way of shopping opportunities. The driver of our bus had no problem finding a local Walmart for us to purchase everything we needed. I will always remember what a wonderful experience we had with Amador. Thanks!

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