Go For A Weekend Gardening


Spending too much time in an enclosed four walls of your office for the whole five days work, makes you look older than what your real age is. Take a break, spend a day in a countryside and relax and take out from your mind the work, have fun and enjoy. You don’t have to go expensive partying all night in clubs and bars, you don’t even have to go too far nor to take sip coffee or wine on expensive and luxurious resort hotel. Organize a small group and do something different from what you usually do on the weekend.

After organizing a small group, introduce to the group the idea of renting a small farm just on the outskirt of Sacramento to start a communal farm producing organic veggies. Rent a Sacramento charter bus or Sacramento bus rental from from Amador Stagelines every weekend for a trip to the rented farm to plant, tend and harvest the organically grown veggies.

This is a wholesome productive and healthy weekend retreat for the group whose busy daily life in the city becomes too boring and unhealthy. Could you imagine the joy of producing your own veggies? It’s organic and fresh.

Watching the veggie seeds germinate, and every time you visit, there’s a new leaf or a new branch that grows. Are you not too eager watching the veggie grow its buds becoming a full grown bloom and later develop into a young fruit? Watching it ripen, pick it up and make a fresh salad out of it? That would be an enjoyable experience and for sure, you will forget your busy weekday schedules and worries.

Visit Amador Stageline and make an inquiry about their Sacramento bus charter or their Sacramento bus rental and arrangement your weekend group trip to your organic farm and have a healthy food and healthy living.

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