Going Around The Old Sac Without Worries


Visiting the Old Sac once in a while could be exciting. Sacramento has always had a sunnier day to enjoy going around the downtown and the greater Sacramento Area. With Sactown hopper anyone could travel around the entire city at an affordable cost with comfort and a safe ride. A Sactown hopper operated by the Amador Stage Lines serves the major Sacramento bus lines and with commuter services on various out of town routes including in Reno and Lake Tahoe.

It’s fun and exciting to roam around the Old Sac without worrying about flat tires or looking for a safer place to park your car. One could always go to famous coffee shop where to enjoy a fresh brewed coffee in the morning while reading the Sacramento Bees. On the coffee shop, there’s always an opportunity to befriend someone whom you can share an hour sharing any subject matter of mutual interest. Or if lucky enough, you can have a chance meeting an old lost friend.

Spending precious time on a sunny weekend around Old Sac with your beloved wife is a moment to treasure. She will love to take an enjoyable ride with the Sactown hopper and she will surely enjoy a sumptuous and delicious lunch at a famous oriental restaurant. Treat her of a mouth watering and spicy Chinese noodles and an organic vegetable salad with a unique oriental spicy sauce. Certainly, this experience can make her love you more than ever.

Staying for a cool night in the Old Sac and keeping your girl excited sipping and tasting several wines at some popular bars and grill houses. Dance with her all night and make her feel important and cared as if she is the only woman around. For sure, she will treasure that moment with you for her lifetime.

Go now with Sactown hopper and don’t worry anything, from the parking space and being cited for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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