Golfing at Lake Tahoe On Weekend


Golfing at Lake Tahoe is not as popular as enjoying water sport at Lake Tahoe. Take bus rental Reno, a bus tour service operated by Amador Stage Lines to experience golfing at Lake Tahoe. For sure, it is an enjoyable and pleasurable activity to spend a weekend away from busy city life. Company executives who are all busy and with limited time to wind off of stressful and tiring weekdays, a group tour to Lake Tahoe is a desirable pleasure. Take a Reno bus charter or bus rental Reno for a pleasurable group golfing experience at Lake Tahoe on weekends.

Amador Stage Lines is a friendly bus tour company that offers tour package for small group. The tour package will include transportation service from Sacramento airport to the point of destination, Lake Tahoe. There are several golf courses in the area that ranges from 9 holes to 18 holes. There are also executive courses, resort courses and championship courses. There are several resorts to spend a night for a good rest or maybe for a cup of coffee and a healthy meal. Or staying for a couple glasses of luxurious and smooth glasses of wine and a lot of tit a tat with fellow executives and probably with beautiful girls.

It is best to plan ahead, take a good look at the internet and study what the tour packages could offer. There are several specialty shop at the area where one can buy some souvenirs and memorabilia at the lake side stores. You won’t even bring with you your golfing gear, there resort courses where you can rent the equipment. There are also a pro golfer around that could teach you the proper way of doing things right in golfing. Make up your mind and call Amador Stage Lines and make a booking reservation to Lake Tahoe and have a pleasurable weekend time with fellow executives.

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