Great Advices for What to Pack for a Ski Trip


Are you arranging to pack for a future ski vacation? Whether you’re packing on your own, or packing for the whole family, it’s really simple to finish up packing way more than you’ll actually use or need. Haven’t we all done this before? It’s not hard to achieve! We want to make sure that everything we might need is going to be available to us when we are going to be away from home for a few days. We often end up with a bunch of gear we didn’t end up using, books we didn’t end up reading during downtime, and “stuff” that ended up being entirely unnecessary. Trying to keep a few simple things in mind might help to minimize all the extra, give you more space in the car, and make it so you truly use everything you take.

If so, this will mean that you can throw a load in the washer at night during downtime, instead of having to take up loads of extra space by packing more. Packing tight and smart means that you’ll likely not have to pay fees for extra weight in your bags at the airport. Focus on packing for the specific activity you’re going to enjoy (as opposed to taking every piece of gear you have), and pack accordingly.

Focus on packing for the specific activity you’re going to enjoy (as opposed to taking every piece of gear you have), and pack accordingly.Are you going to be on the slopes all day, or helping your kiddo on the bunny hill? You don’t need to take wax for your board if you’re planning on skiing, or your headphones if the aim of the day is to spend time teaching your daughter basic skills. It may not hurt to pack a couple of hand warmers for if her fingers start to get cold, though.

Don’t forget socks! This is one item where it never hurts to pack extra and then some. You can always throw a couple of pairs in your bag and go grab one if you end up needing to make a change.

Have you ever been on vacation with family or friends when downtime rolls around, and everyone is plugged in on their tablets, laptops or phones, as opposed to interacting with each other? You might think this over and opt to leave some of those things behind. When everything is chill– those are the conversations and laughs that you remember, a lot of the enjoyment of vacationing together is getting to interact. Consider leaving all the extra electronic devices behind, taking pictures in the moment, and then getting to remember what a good time it was once you upload everything back at home.

Once you’re packed and ready to go, focus on the aim of the trip. If you’re “vacationing,” hopefully it’s something you LOVE. It sounds funny, but vacationing can also be stressful at times. Just remember that it’s about the memories and the people and decide ahead of time that you’re going to go with the flow. Bringing your excitement and positive vibe can help you focus on making the whole experience a good time. Now, the only thing left to do is go. Get out there and have some fun!

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