Handel’s Messiah


Years back, if you liked to enjoy a favorite recording, you’d buy a record and play it on the turntable in your home. Obtaining a selection of artists and recordings wasn’t the high-end that it is today, where apps like Apple Music and Spotify make enjoying anything and everything at the touch of your fingertips a reality. Music groups travel widely and it’s usually fairly low-cost to see artists that you love perform. And, it do without saying that, in the realm of music, there are numerous styles and tastes, and you may or may not know groups that someone else loves.

There are some pieces of music, though, that everyone knows. Their popularity has kept consistent, and everyone acknowledges them after hearing only a few measures. When you think of one of the most beloved classical pieces over the last few centuries, Handel’s Messiah would absolutely come to mind.

Handel’s music was loved and well-received during his lifetime. His father died when Handel was only 12 years old, and ultimately, that young boy ended up following his heart and blessing the world with his musical gifts.

Another interesting facts about Handel?

He had a deep love for Italian opera, and composed and produced several in his lifetime.

He received an honorary doctorate of music from Oxford, though he never really went and got the actual piece of paper.

He believed in giving back, and gave to the Foundling Hospital, a children’s home in London.

His popular Water Music was played for King George I on the Thames River.

He wrote the Messiah in just 24 days, and it is the work that he is best recognized for.

When he passed away, thousands went to his funeral and he was buried in Westminster Abbey. Those people living today don’t have the benefit of meeting the man personally, but we are honored to be familiar with his music. His choruses and melodies linger long after the final notes have been played and sung.

We love transporting groups who are headed to concerts! Whether they’re going to see Emmylou Harris or watch an orchestra and singers perform Handel’s Messiah, music is an important part of enjoying life.

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