Have That Mobile Phone in Your Pocket!


Cell phones have modified the world and the relationships we have in it. And while it’s correct that this could be said about many other things as well, cellphones are a thing that most of us use all day, every day. They’ve affected both the means of communication (texting, as an example, instead of calling), and the assumptions as well (why haven’t they texted back yet?!).

When families come together for reunions or big occasions, it’s an important time to connect and enjoy each other’s company, and this is where cell phones can detract from the experience. If you have a family reunion coming up soon, here are three reasons you might want to make a more concerted effort to keep your phone in your pocket.

If you see a film that occurs in the 19th century, you can’t help but observe that when people came together for a function, everyone attended. Interesting talents, such as having the capacity to play an instrument, became beneficial for everyone. People would sing and play for each other, or discuss things as a group. In contrast, if you walk into a room of people together today, it is not surprising at all to see most everyone looking at their phone, laptop, or other tablet device. Texting, hearing music, watching videos, answering work emails, looking at photos, scrolling social networks, buying something on Amazon, and checking stock accounts are all things we end up doing rather than paying attention to what’s happening where we really are. So, next time you’re with your family, try it. Work on putting your phone away and appreciating experiences as a group. Focus on what’s going on in the room, have a meaningful conversation, sing, play games, or reminisce together. You’ll be so glad you did.

These days, we devote a lot of time taking pictures, videos, and audio recordings. The digital media world these days would seem unfathomable to earlier generations. And it’s great? We have lots of photographs of our children, meaningful experiences we’ve shown to friends and video of essential moments we don’t want to forget. What’s more, with a few simple buttons, we can upload and share these files with friends in an unprecedented way. Mostly, this has many upsides. . It’s that these same activities can also prevent us from being totally in the moment if there’s one downside. There’s something to be said for keeping your phone in your pocket sometimes. Instead of snapping a photo, snuggle up with a loved one and fully delight in the impressive sunset in the sky. Understand that others might like to just soak up their time in nature when you’re tempted to keep snapping photos on a family hike. Prioritize being fully present without feeling the need to record everything.

Cell phones have certainly changed how we communicate in the modern world. Or, how often do people break up or have other emotionally important conversations behind the safety of their phones? In some ways, cell phones inhibit having real conversations, and this may be particularly true of younger generations that don’t remember a time when cell phones weren’t pervasive like they are now.

Next time you’re together, you’ll definitely want your phone along to take photos and upload files to social media. Family time is precious, and regarding it as such will bring great dividends.

And since we’re talking about reunions with lots of people, there are plenty of things that need to be ironed out in the planning: menus, sleeping accommodations, and activities that will keep the different age groups engaged. Sometimes you’d like to keep the group together without having to caravan in several cars. You can stay together as a group, making memories on the road, too.

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