Hiring Reno Bus Service for Church Events


If you’re looking for an easy way to transport church members back and forth to events, renting a Reno bus service from Amador Stagelines is an option worth considering. Given that most church organizations (especially those that newer startups that frequently travel from place to place vs. holding worship at a designated location every time) have a fair amount of members, the need to have a safe and comfortable transportation solution is important. Nevertheless, given the state of the economy and the lack of funding church boards have these days, buying a charter bus is not an economically viable decision.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Bus for Your Church?
Not only will you have to pay for the cost of the vehicle, but you will also have to budget for routine maintenance costs. It is worth noting that there is a big difference between paying to have a small engine repaired vs. a large charter bus. The parts and labor are inevitably going to more expensive.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t try buying a cheaper model in an attempt to offset the cost. You may be able to get a decent deal on a used bus or van, but you have to ask if doing so is in the best interest of the church financially and whether if the vehicle will be safe for members. More miles mean more potential mechanical and suspension issues (among others).

If You Don’t Make a Lot of Trips Renting Is Easier and Cost-Effective:

Financial expenditures aside, renting from a reputable Reno bus service firm will allow you to sit back and relax. The vehicles these companies have are top of the line and maintained on a regular basis, not to mention the fact they are operated by professional drivers. As well, you have the option to choose which fleet to select. Make things easier on yourself and let your members ride in comfort and style. You can trust that after just one trip aboard a luxury charter bus. Most models come standard equipped with premium surround sound, built-in televisions and central A/C.

There really has never been a better way to ride, whether that is cross-country or locally. All in all, it would not be cost-effective to buy a charter bus if your church organization only requires this type of transportation sparingly. Save money and use a Reno bus rental. You will be glad you did. Make sure to call around to companies in your area, as many of them offer special discounts for churches.

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