Hotels Are Best for Family Reunions


What are your favorite family vacation memories? Just because you love being together doesn’t mean that you’re going to love sharing the same house together for a week or two. We’re pretty sure that getting hotel rooms for each individual family is the way to go, and here are four reasons why.

To start with, it gives you a place to loosen up. There’s just something to be said for being capable to have some down time to regroup at the end of the day. You might be one of those that needs time to refresh your batteries before you can mingle again in the morning, and that’s okay. Providing your own space to retreat to at the end of the day provides that outlet for you.

Next, if you’re there with your young family, getting your own hotel room allows you stick to the routine. Enjoying with cousins all day is so much fun, but it can be hard to get everyone to cool down and settle in for the night if they are still in play mode. If you have your own room, you can get everyone bathed, put on their favorite movie to help them wind down, or curl up on the bed with a book to read together like you do at home, without the noise of the group.

Third, you have the chance to choose your entertainment for the evening. Whether you like to watch a favorite show or get a movie on TV, you’ve got it made. With each family having their own place to crash in the end of the day, everyone can choose what they want to tune into as they relax, instead of going with the consensus of the group (which can be handy if the tastes of the members of your group are really different).

Fourth, it’s peaceful. Need we say more? There isn’t really any reason necessary for this one. As much as you love the bluster when everyone is together, it’s nice to hear nothing. And also, if your sister’s kids aren’t sleeping well, they won’t disrupt everyone else. (Aaaaaaand … it’s stressful to be that parent whose kid is having a hard time and you’re worried about keeping everyone else up! This removes that worry entirely.).

Fifth, there are benefits. Free breakfasts? A weight room or pool to swim in (making it easy to stay active and exercise while you’re on vacation)? WiFi? Being away doesn’t imply you have to entirely cut off from the outside world, and it’s also nice to have food given in the morning instead of having to eat out.

Having everyone stay in their own rooms (but in the same location) makes it easy to book a coach for the whole family’s transportation. No need for multiple cars or parking stress. If each person is at the same hotel, you can meet up in the morning and be on your way. After rejuvenating at the end of the day and getting a good night’s sleep, you’ll be ready to come back along with everyone and the laughter and fun can begin while on the way to whatever the plan is for the day. Hotels and coaches go together!

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