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Evidences of the many ways that modern technology is changing our lives and our world are all around us. From pretty much any lens you look through, technology has impacted that particular slice of existence. Take hotel and lodging.

From‘s app to Hotel Tonight, and Hotel Finder to‘s application, you can search for rooms, find amazing deals and discounted rates, and you don’t even have to pick up the phone to make reservations anymore, either. Everything can be done from inside the app: find what you want, make the reservation, and pay for it.

Lots of hotels have their own app, so if you’re loyal to one company that you typically stay with, search to see if they have one. After booking, you can keep on use the app for additional features that make your life easier. Use it to check in or communicate with hotel staff about certain amenities or particular accommodation concerns that you have. Some high-end hotel companies make it possible for you to use your phone to get into your room … you don’t even have to go down to the front desk to pick up a physical key.

You know how you can use technology to order food, groceries, and other services? If you forgot to bring something (such as an iPad charger) and you’re trying to figure out what to do about it, you can chat with a hotel associate to get it resolved.

Years ago, it was more usual to take vacations and disconnect from our everyday routine. Today, however, many of us choose to still be connected when we’re far from home. We want to post about what we are doing to social networking sites, be able to access and send email, text, call, and share just as easily as we do when we are at home. We see technology being used continually in the hospitality industry because of this. It’s pretty much a given that hotels will have WiFi so their guests can be connected to the Internet, in addition to several other things that keep us connected to our regular routines. And, how about this? Marriott has been piloting the use of VR headsets in a couple of their hotels … for guests that want to imagine themselves into yet another location while they are on vacation.

Apps make things possible to pay for your trip, plan an itinerary, look for the best local attractions, and use maps to get there … all within the little phone in the palm of your hand. And what about social media apps? How does that factor into hotel business these days? Well … let’s just say that whatever experiences your guests have with you; it’s likely that others are going to become aware of it. If they love their time with you, positive reviews will be provided their friends on social media. The opposite is also true simultaneously. The arrival of the Internet and social media has made it so that people share what they think of businesses… for better or worse.

There’s no question about it … from practically any angle and with every aspect of our lives, technology has left its footprint and it remains to do so. And definitely, it’s pretty helpful in many ways. It’s nice to be able to do so many things from one small screen!

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