How The Truckee River Got Its Name?


When riding a bus from Sacramento to Reno via a Reno bus service from Amador Stage Lines, you will pass the Truckee River. Did you know why the river was named Truckee? Truckee River got its name when in 1844 a Paiute Indian chief known as Truckee guided a party of emigrant from the Humboldt River down to California through the Truckee River, Donner Lake and Donner Pass. In an appreciation of his services, the party named the river after him. There are other theories about his real name; nevertheless the river is officially called as Truckee River.

The river is a very important tourist destination and important recreation area notably for whitewater rafting, kayaking and fly fishing. Truckee River is the largest river in Western Nevada and it boasts a self-sustaining population of Brown trout for sport fishing. The Nevada Department of Wildlife stocks some 105,000 of trout every year, almost 70,000 of which is a native Lahontan cutthroat trout and the rest is non-native Rainbow trout. According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, the trout population of the Truckee River is enough to support the whole year demand of sport fishing tourists. The Truckee River is also a very popular destination for family outdoor activities not only for its clear water but as a family picnic and boating place. The river rafting starts from the outlet gates at Lake Tahoe down to about three miles downstream of the River Ranch Restaurant.

Any time you are on board a bus trip to Reno, you may no longer wonder how the Truckee River got its name. Aside from its recreational value, the Truckee River is an important source of water irrigation for Nevada, s farmlands. It also supplies the water requirements of resort communities around Lake Tahoe and the greater metropolitan area of Reno.

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