How to Save Money at a Music Festival


Are you headed out to a music festival for the weekend, but don’t want to fully empty your bank account? There will be bunches of ways to spend money once you’re there, however by planning earlier you can save some money and not feel just as you sacrificed some of the experience.


You can spend a lot of money at a festival, beginning with entry price and continuing with food, music and any several other things at various booths. The most ideal piece of up-front advice would be to budget for what you most want. If you wish to attend a festival where a lot of big-name bands will be playing, plan to spend a chunk of your money getting in, and have slimmer money saved for food and other purchases.


Once you know what festival you would like to attend, the next step would be to try and save a few dollars by getting your ticket earlier. Even when you have no idea who will be playing, you’re possibly safe to buy your tickets early if the festival has a good reputation and is a genre you appreciate. Still want to save more money, or not have to pay at all? If there are any volunteer opportunities, you can always investigate. If there are and you end up working an event, you might turn out getting in for free and get some cool “behind-the-scene” experiences along with it!


While some festivals don’t let you to bring food and drinks in, this isn’t always the case. You can make it more of an experience by bringing along your CampChef and tasty stuff to cook if you can bring your own food in. Or, you may choose to simplify by sticking with a bunch of non-perishable snacks and a cooler loaded with drinks. You should also understand that most festival grounds will have a free source of drinking water so you can get as much water as you need without needing to purchase it. And talking drinks, everybody knows that you can drop a whole bunch of cash on alcohol. Once again, if bringing beverages in is kosher, you can just get a 12 pack to bring with you and save a lot of money. If you can’t, you can save some bills by limiting how much you drink, or opt to wait for your next beer ’til you’re back home.

If you end up choosing a festival that doesn’t allow outside food and drink, a couple of suggestions may be helpful. Check out all the vendors and pricing before purchasing food. This will allow you to stay and try in a price range you’re comfortable with. Second, remember of how much food is being served for one entrée. You may be able to get enough for two meals on one plate if you’re smart about it.


Stick with the cost you planned on. From food to music to mementos, things can add up promptly. Don’t give in to the temptation to purchase music on site. When you have some extra spending cash, this is something that you can definitely purchase at a later time. And, if you choose to buy some festival souvenirs, you could opt to wait until the final day towards the end of the festival when prices might be cut down. But, be aware that if you want something specific, you may want to allocate that at the beginning so you can get exactly what you want.

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